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This year the PGFA board made a decision that we were going to go above and beyond our typical financial contribution. We want to show support for the organizations that make a difference in our local community. We are going to help Snack Pak 4 kids pack lunches on April 16th and May 14th. This organization is a perfect match for the PGFA to support. Many local companies in the ag and feed industry donate to help Snack Pak feed so many local children. Snack Pak helps provide kids with reliable nutritious food over the weekend, who otherwise would go hungry. Their mission is to end weekend hunger for children and we are honored to help the cause.

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Panhandle Grain and Feed has made a commitment this year to not only help our community financially but also with our service. We were lucky enough to participate in helping pack lunches for Snack Pak. They service over 10,000 children in the panhandle. One of the teachers from Dumas spoke to the value these lunches bring to the children’s lives. Students are excited to come to school knowing they have food waiting for them. She also spoke to how the lunches have increased their willingness to learn. We as a board can think of nothing better than helping bring stability and comfort to a child’s life while also increasing their desire to learn. Thank you to the 25 PGFA members that helped pack lunches! The PGFA board looks forward to helping in other community service programs in the future!

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